Hello! Welcome to my digital bungalow. My name is Gray, and in this article I will be telling you who I am, my interests, why I made this place, and what I hope to achieve here on the website.

Who is Gray?

Who or what am I? That is not a straightfoward question. What defines a person? Their age and physical attributes? Their hobbies? Their virtues, philosphy, or action? Does one's upbringing play a vital role in shaping the essence of who someone is? What about a persons idiosyncrasies, behaviors, vicies, or beliefs? At what point does something become part of your identity, uniquely used to describe "you"? These are all questions that I struggled with while writing this page. While I cannot give a complete response, bearing my soul to the online world for all to see, I can atleast try. Here we go.


At heart, I am a tinkerer. I enjoy testing things, observing the cause and affect of my modifications. I relish the opportunity to utilize an object or service in an unintended way, discovering the quirks and intricate naunce hidden from common view. I find my fulfilment in the perplexion of the mundane and ordinary, the forgotten and unused. Deconstructing the abstractions of reality into their smallest components keeps me entertained, whether it be pondering the physical proccesses of baking a croissant or the specific electromagnetic frequency of a soft, cool blue.


  • 20 Years Old
  • Male
  • Bi

Hobbies & Interests

  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking
  • Kyaking
  • Camping
  • Exploring abandoned places
  • City Exploration

  • The Old Internet
  • Web Dev
  • Wikipedia
  • Data Archival

  • Security Technologies
  • Cryptography
  • Computer Networking
  • Machine Learning
  • Ethical issues of AI

  • Space
  • Electricity
  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Geopolitics
  • Logistics
  • City Management

  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • The true nature of reality
  • Perception and Perspective.

  • Brewing Tea & Espresso
  • Sitting on a nice bench
  • Reading & AudioBooks
  • Board Games (Quoridor, Blokus)

  • Anime (Slice of life, thought provoking, Isekai)
  • Plays & Theatre performance
  • Acting & Entertainment
  • Age Of Empires 2 & Minecraft
  • Music (EDM, Rave, Classical, Swing)

  • Talking to strangers and new people!

Philosphy & Values

I structure my life around John Stuart Mill's Harm Principle. I believe in the freedom of action so long as that action does not deprive another of their freedom of action. That is the gist of it. There is much more nuance and necessary distinctions between "harm" and "offence", but this is not the place to explain the theory, nor could I articulate the theory better than JS Mill on the first paragraph of the Wikipedia page.

Creating Grays Tea

Gray's Tea has gone though nearly two months of prior development before I scrapped the entire codebase and started from scratch. I'll call that version of Grays Tea the legacy version. I should have an archive of the old site *checks pockets, flips over rock* somewhere around here...

The new Gray's Tea exists to serve 4 functions:

  1. A practice project for web development:
  2. An educational resource for others adventuring into tech:
  3. An archive of digital curiosities and utilities:
  4. A community gathering point for like-minded netizens: